There are times when having a unique password is just not enough security to protect you and your data.

A number of sites use a two-step authentication process.  This is a curse and a blessing at the same time.  I hate that is takes forever to get the process started.  My software requires it, This one is not up to me from that perspective.  They are trying to protect themselves and me in the process, it does not matter what software I go to it is required from all major providers.

The second instance is banking.  I implemented this on myself.  After a client’s systems were compromised the criminals went after the money.  No shock there, the whole reason for being a criminal is the money, maybe the chaos.  So to protect my assets I implemented the requirement of the two step authentication process.  To get into my bank I have to follow up with a access code, or I cannot get into the account.

It slows me down, at times and it seems to take forever to get the code, but when I think about it I am pleased that it is there.

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