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I have a client who is older and not happy with their current employer.  They initially thought that this was where they would spend their final working years.  But alas it would appear that this will not be the case.

As part of a protected class, the employer is not doing anything too overt to my client, but the message is clear that the employer would prefer that my client was gone.

So the client is looking for their next position.  But, as they do that I also suggested what I have been suggesting to clients for years, start a side business.  My thoughts are if you can figure out what will make you content and can earn you money that it maybe your true calling.

I typically am thinking of something that the client can start and then be able to leverage others to assist in growing the business.  This way the client is not the sole earner of the business, especially as the owner gets older the ability to leverage others can still provide the income stream.  After the owner stops or can’t work any longer.

They came up with an idea.  It is something that can be done with the spouse, so it would bring them both closer and has the potential to generate income.

So I instructed the client to develop a business plan outline and see if they can find a market to buy the service.

I have to admit I am curious as to how this will go.

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