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Over the years that I have seen some awful and then worse ideas for a side hustle. But there are some ideas that are pretty good and others that are great.  Here are some that either myself or my clients are involved with:

Sell on eBay – I am doing this, and I know others who are as well, to varying degrees of success.

Drive for Uber or Lyft – I have a few clients who do this, I don’t always agree with the economics of this ideas.  Some swear by it.

Purchase a rental property – This is a popular one, but money is necessary for the downstroke.  One client is renting out the condo he owned before he got married.  He is my hero, because on a cash basis he is profitable and on a tax basis he has a slight loss.

Manage social media for small businesses – One client is doing this so well; the plan is within two years for it to be their sole income stream.

Clean houses – I just helped incorporate a client who is starting a commercial cleaning side business.  He had his first client in hand before he started the process.

Dog Walking – This may be better suited for a more urban area.  Most suburbanites walk their dogs for the exercise.

Market testing or focus groups – My son did this through high school and into college.  It gave him more pocket money doing this than working a part time job.

Garage sales – good for as long as you have something to sell that others want.

These ideas can and do generate income.

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