I had a radio station contact me about sharing some information, I replied I had no expertise in the area, but they wanted to meet.  Yes, I knew I was going to get a sales pitch.

I was impressed with the station and their operations; the station ran on two different frequencies.  It was an interesting tour.

What I didn’t know before had was that this station had expended their operations to include building and maintain websites and detailed marketing plans for customers.

They saw it was a direct extension of there operations and it seemed to fit well and make some sense.

They did their sales pitch, they gave me some research materials on my online presence, the were offering me a possible deal on on-air advertising.  It was an interesting approach.  I didn’t see it working for my business per se.  I have found that organic referrals are best fore growth and purchasing practices are the fastest and easiest way to grow.

The website is also necessary and does bring in its own referrals.  These blog postings help with keeping the site relevant.  Aso these not AI written, it so they would have better grammar und speling…

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