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We recently picked up some work from a new client.  They needed some assistance with their Chicago Use Taxes.

When questioned why they sought us out, we were informed that their CPA was not interested in assisting them with the issue.  They had been unwilling to assist for quite a while apparently.  The client was several years behind in filing their Use Taxes.  Their CPA was also unwilling to come to their office to assist, they were apparently too far away to be bothered.

So we jumped in, and learned the ins and outs and inner workings of the clients systems and the Chicago Department of Revenue (CDR) and their Use Tax.  We have the client caught up and they were able to work a deal with the CDR for an abatement of the penalties and most of the interest.

Now we have the client on a quarterly retainer and are keeping them current on their Use Tax.  We are also hopping that we will get their other tax work.  The accounting is off the table, the wife handles that from home.  While the husband runs the business from his office.

We are here to serve our clients in whatever way we can assist.  We believe that customer service is advertising.

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