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I was watching “Billions” last week Axe wants to become a bank and the wage slaves are all of sudden aware that they may be eliminated with the transition if it ever occurs.

One employee asks Axe what will happen to them.  The initial response was that all will be fine, then Axe clarified that he, Axe will be fine, the others not so much.  Then he states roughly “Don’t ask another person about your future. Make your own future”.

Wage slaves are not good with this philosophy.  I know that when I was a wage slave and Waste Management was shedding most Illinois jobs and the headquarters, the AP and AR drones were worrying about where to look for their next AR or AP position.  I was not as sure were I wanted to go, I already had a long bout of unemployment and was worried about another, but I wanted something more.

Now that I have been an entrepreneur for a while (couple decades), I see the logic and knowledge behind Axe’s words.  Only you are responsible for your future, you cannot trust your employer to look out for you.  Your boss is looking out for himself and up the ladder it goes.  You have to be responsible for yourself.

I have a client who was an executive with a medium sized bank, he became ill needed to step down and retire and was told that he would be taken care of.  Nothing was in writing and guess what he was not.

You and you alone are responsible for your future.  Who do you trust more for your wellbeing?

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