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Have you noticed that there are significantly fewer movie studios than there were 20 years ago?  Some still exist in name only like Columbia, but they are owned by Sony, so don’t count.

The consolidations have left us with studios who are less willing to take risks and generate fewer movies, more remakes, and significantly more reboots of tired old ideas.

It almost makes he look back at Golan and Globus movies with fondness.  They were bottom of the barrel scripts, but they were different.  If they could sell it, they made it.

Some of the endless cycle of films do very well, especially Disney’s Marvel films.  Even mediocre films do almost a billion in box office receipts. I am not eager to see Eternals or the Black Widow films. Side note; Red Sparrow was the comic book origin of Black Widow. But now 20th Century is now owned by Disney, so no more secret Marvel films.

With AMC declaring the they will not show United Artist films, they are limiting their product.  Where will I go to be able to see “No Time to Die” the 25th official James Bond film.

Since AMC can’t even open yet, because there is not enough product in the marketplace to fill the screens. Limiting product is not a good idea, but I understand why they are threatening this.  They are trying to survive.

No small films studios exist Hollywood, and the large ones are only interested in tentpoles and we can only look forward to more of the same.  Boring, the consolidations have killed the industry, we are seeing the “death rattle” of an industry.

Which is sad, some films need to be seen with strangers on a huge screen.

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