We I am discussing client’s businesses with them we use the terms small and or medium sized businesses.  There is a lot of flexibility in the use of both terms small and medium.  The parameters very in people minds.

Then I found a strange Australian sitcom called “Very Small Business” on a streaming service, all 6 episodes of season one, but not season 2…

This caused me to look up the details of the show and I stumbled onto the definition of a very small business:

A very small business (VSB) is a company that is at the lower end, in terms of size, of companies that are considered small and medium enterprise. The actual definition of what size companies classify as VSBs varies from region to region, but upper limit is usually considered to be 25–50 employees.

So, it looks like all of my clients and my business fall into the very small business category.  Where do you land?

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